Work package 6: Data interoperability and data management

Work package

The purpose of the task is to develop the management and integration of FEO data. It serves the parties producing, processing and utilising information by identifying and streamlining the various stages of processes. As a result, information on nature is managed in an appropriate way and shared fluently.


Interoperable data repositories from different data producers create the basis for the rational and full utilisation of the collected data. The data sets processed in the FEO project are produced by, e.g., the Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility (The Finnish Museum of Natural History (LUOMUS), the University of Helsinki), Metsähallitus, the Finnish Forestry Center and various research institutes, especially the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK).

The project enables an up-to-date and regionally scalable review based on existing information systems and their interfaces. Documentation and the development of procedures and best practices in biodiversity and habitat assessments enable systematic production of data, thus ensuring intercomparisons between different assessments over time. Good data management processes are needed for storing, organising and maintaining the nature data created and collected.


Kirsi Valanne

Kirsi Valanne
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Data management is crucial for utilising the collected data

There is a need to improve the availability of data and increase the interoperability of data resources and information systems. Improvements are needed, e.g., in nature-related reporting and dissemination to identify the processes and reproduce them. The visualisation of the results is enhanced using modern data distribution solutions.

The objectives of the task

  • To develop data management for habitat data
  • Easy access of interoperable datasets
  • Clearly presented and reproducible data production processes
  • Modern solutions in processing, visualisation, and distribution of the nature information

At first, the current state of data production is described. The most useful targets for development are defined as components of the overall processes. Information needs, sources, and data flows are proficiently described and organised as the basis for working together. Data and information are produced and distributed in a smooth and appropriate manner. These procedures and the systems utilised are documented for systems architecture design and analysis of the governmental administration.

The management and coordination of data crosscut the other work packages of the project and are seamlessly related to the development of their core solutions.

The network producing nature information is extensive, and co-operation in the management and use of information will be consolidated during the project.