Work package 3: Making the most of field inventory data and observation networks

Work package

We will work for better reachability of biodiversity and environmental data which is collected through various in situ monitoring networks in Finland. 
Data from old habitat inventories will be gathered and digitised to be available for analysis. The goal is also to provide a national framework for a long-term habitat monitoring programme. The status and needs for the improvement of long-term species monitoring networks will be reported, especially for better implementation of species data as an indicator of the status of certain habitats and the environment in general.


Päivi Sirkiä
Senior coordinator
Päivi Sirkiä
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In Finland, there are several research stations measuring and monitoring environmental data for international monitoring networks. There is still work to be done in improving the instrumentation and better local implementation of the collected data. The monitoring networks of carbon sequestration and other substance cycles will be further improved and the data management will be developed. The future possibilities of the environmental DNA method in monitoring will be analysed and the necessary steps to implement the method will be identified.