Welcome to FEO final seminar!

The Finnish Ecosystem Observatory FEO Final seminar will be held on April 17th. Our venue is the historical fortress called Suomenlinna, located in the Helsinki archipelago. We warmly invite you to enjoy science, hear about the FEO outcomes, and experience the wonderful historical atmosphere. You can also follow the seminar via streaming on YouTube.

Registration opens for invited guests 15th of February and for everyone 1st of March. Registration closes 20th of March.

Link to the registration (will be published 1.3.2024):

Agenda for the seminar:

  • 9.00 Morning coffee
  • 9.30 – 11.30 Global and European Biodiversity Observation Systems
    • Welcome words, Leif Schulman, Syke
    • National perspectives to science-policy arena, Laura Höijer, Ministry of Environment
    • The missing link: Global Biodiversity Observation System (GBiOS), Andrew Gonzalez, Uni McGill, GEO BON
    • Comment: Interplay of “BIFs and BONs” across the scales, Tim Hirsch, GBIF
    • Comment: European perspectives for biodiversity observations, Janica Borg, EEA
    • Finnish Ecosystem Observatory in the beginning of the new era of biodiversity science, Petteri Vihervaara, Syke
  • 11.00-11.15 Nature speaks, Art & Science collaboration, Joona & Tapani Toivanen
  • 11.20-12.35 Lunch
  • 12.35-14.20 FEO outcomes 1: Data & Observations
    • Making the most of the field inventory data and observations
    • Habitat type monitoring in Finland – old data and new approaches
    • Systematic species inventories – revisiting 90 schemes
    • Environmental DNA and other molecular biological methods
    • The possibilities of remote sensing into use
    • Quantifying ecosystem condition from space – a case study of Aapa mires
    • Artificial intelligence detecting rare nature phenomenon – uncommon tree species and deadwood
    • Biodiversity and ecosystem models to cultivate information
    • Modelling of species and communities – filling the observational gaps and understanding species interactions
    • Carbon neutral land-use scenarios – integrating ecosystem processes and biodiversity
  • 14.20-14.50 Coffee break
  • 14.50-16.00 FEO outcomes 2: Knowledge & Applications
    • Interoperable information systems and the management of data streams enable seamless collaborations
    • Nature Data Portal – demonstration and next steps
    • The role of biodiversity knowledge in sustainability transformation
    • Demostarting use of biodiversity data – applications
    • Automated indicator pipelines to provide updated knowledge for the society
    • Dialogue: Needs and use of biodiversity data in the society, TBA
  • 16:05-16:30 FEO Futures: Observations for Science and the Society
    • Biodiversity and ecosystem observations and collaboration networks in the past, present and the future, Joona Lehtomäki, Ministry of Environment
  • Seminar ends

Changes to agenda are possible