International eDNA and other molecular monitoring methods -workshop video available

International eDNA and other molecular monitoring methods -workshop on Friday the 28th of January 2022 gathered almost 60 international participants. We heard an interesting keynote from Prof. Gernot Segelbacher and commentary from FEO’s responsible leader Petteri Vihervaara.

We discussed international coordination and collaboration in the implementation of molecular monitoring methods. The main focus of the workshop was on interactive discussion, and it was facilitated by Innotiimi-ICG. The workshop was organized by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)’s projects A pilot for implementing environmental DNA based methods into environmental and biomonitoring (eDNA pilot) and Finnish Ecosystem Observatory FEO.

The workshop video was available until the 15th of February 2022.

The material of Prof. Gernot Segelbacher’s keynote presentation “New tools, old challenges – how to monitor biodiversity” is available here:

Taking samples at an old growth forest Kotinen at Evo. Picture (c) Riku Lumiaro